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I am connected to Optus NBN  on the $70.00 unlimited data plan. When i go to my usage, the guage says i am at 80% usage and will be throttled back.

i have just spent over an hour and half on the phone with no less than 10 different people and no one can answer why this is coming up and if my data will be throttled back.

optus seem unable to answer this question and instead send people round in circles until the get so angry they hang up. Customer service are at the least incompetant, and shuffle from department to department to hide this incompetance. As a 20 year customer with optus I am ready to cancell my account plus my business accounts due to this situation.

Re: My account screen


Hmm I must say I haven't done much reading on the NBN plans however I don't recall seeing any plans that were throttled. What does your account description say your plan is? It's almost like support thinks it's $70 home wireless broadband account or something of that nature.

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