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Re: Moving to NBN

Good Grief Charlie Brown !


LOL ! and thanks again

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Re: Moving to NBN

Just an update...

Returned from holidays to find a letter from NBN Co advising my area was "no longer NBN ready". It stated that "substantial upgrade work" was required before it could again be classed as ready.

So glad I did not submit to Optus pressure and swap over when they demanded I do so (see posts above).

I would add that my area is Optus HCF.

Technician working in the pit told me that new advanced technology being tested at the moment will allow HCF to achieve near fibre to the premises speeds without the nasty drop off in busy times. The way HCF handled congestion was always the issue as co-axial cable can well handle gigabit speeds and has done for years for corporates before most switched to fibre.

Now the big issue for ISPs to address is the packages they offer. They MUST be in set bands with both an upper and a LOWER speed range. At the moment (according to all the Optus reps I have spoken to) paying for 50mbps will give me UP to 50mbps but no guaranteed minimum. At peak congestion I could be on the same speed as someone on a 25mbps plan or even a 12mbps plan. That is just a rip off. If 12mbps is the base package then paying for a  25mbps plan should guarantee a speed between 12 and 25mbps. Similarly a 50mbps plan should guarantee speeds between 25 and 50mbps, and so on. Paying additional money for what is in effect a raffle as to whether the higher speeds will be achieved is just plain wrong.

And Peter G....refer my earlier posts where NBN Co confirmed to me in writing that I had 18 months to swap. And they were well aware this area is HCF.

Also PeterG, you are listed as a "respected contributor" yet the tone of all your messages is that of an apologist for Optus. Could you advise the forum if, in fact you are employed by, engaged by, contracted by, or have any other commercial arrnagement with Optus (other than as as a user like the rest of us) that would give rise to biase views.


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Re: Moving to NBN

Hi Khan,


Welcome back. Thanks for the updated info. Always good to here some first hand information.


FWIW 'swapping over' can only be done when there's something to swap to. So even if you had taken up Optus on their offer you would have just remained on the Optus HFC network until your area was declared NBN ready.


The NBN are indeed upgrading the HFC network ATM. All connections to the NBN HFC network have been put on hold for the past 4 months and that looks to continue a little while longer. However many HFC homes have been notified of lead ins being installed and the HFC rollout continues. The current best info is that NBNCo will be making a big announcement in the next 2 weeks. This will likely involve all Ready For Service (RFS) areas that existed before the HFC pause to be again available for connection. There is also speculation that NBNCo will announce 1000Mbps capability over HFC which they've said should be available before 2019. 


It interesting they've back peddled in you're area and presuambly they're scheduled the works your area needs to 2019 or so. It could also be that you will be changing to FTTC technology (which would be very nice too)


I (and the ACCC) agree with you on the speed bands. A lot of effort is going into getting the dodgy speed claims buy almost all RSPs up to scratch. The ACCC doesn't mind if companies offer a lousy product. They do care if the customer isn't made aware of how lousy it is up front. no RSP can guarantee minimum speeds but the approach currently taken is to guarantee typical speeds. So while there might be dips and bumps at times you should be able to expect generally in the vicinity of what is promised. Most RSP have started publishing typical peak hour speeds and Optus has put theirs here.


If you are consistently getting significantly worse that what is published then you can exit your contract without penalty. FWIW at this stage in the NBN rollout I recommend going with an RSP with a true month to month contract. That way finding good speed and service is relatively hassle free.


Employee? The question occassionally pops up Smiley Indifferent. FWIW I have no control over my title, I'll leave it up to others to decide if my posts are helpful or not. You obviously only know me in this thread but I'd say about 50% of my posts are neutral (just trying to help out) while the other 50% are a mixed bag. Here's a couple I posted today (at the end): Post or Post Smiley Happy




Peter Gillespie


PS refer my earlier posts where NBN Co confirmed to me in writing that I had 18 months to swap. And they were well aware this area is HCF.


I'm not sure what you're saying here? NBNCo is legislated to give everyone 18 months to swap. Optus are the ones that are shutting down their HFC service after 3 months of NBN going live. NBNCo will keep the Optus cables running for 18 months (as they promised) but you won't be able to use them because Optus will disconnect you. 


Its also not certain you are in a HFC area. The Optus HFC cables are going to be torn down in a year or two. The NBN will be using the Telstra HFC cables. The delay you mentioned above might also signal a change to FTTN or FTTC technology in your area. IMO best to see if NBNCo announce a schedule update in the next few weeks and then see what your address shows in the NBN Address Checker