Moving back to Netgear CG3000 v2 on NBN


Hello fellow Optus users,


I am sure that it's no secret that the new Sagemcom modem routers that Optus are issuing out for NBN connections are absolutely horrendous. In fact ever since we've moved from Optus Cable to Optus NBN, the internet is constantly dropping out and loosing packets - making gaming and streaming unbearable.


Furthermore, the WiFi connectivity is much worse in both speed and range in comparison to the old Netgear CG3000 v2. 


So that got me thinking, what if I just use my old Optus router instead? When I looked at the back of the router, I saw a sticker covering the WAN port that said something similar to "for NBN use". So I removed the sticker and saw a perfectly good WAN port.


After some tinkering, I was able to enable the WAN port and establish an internet connection. Since then my internet has been considerably more stable and WiFi has improved in every way.


The only problem is that Optus have seemed to disable the Phone sockets on this router through the firmware, which means I can't use my VOIP phone.


Calling Optus was no help whatsoever, all they said is that a 'new router' will be available through them in the next couple of months and that for now they'll send me out another Sagemcom router. They said I can also bridge the two devices.


Has anyone had any success in enabling the Phone ports on the Netgear CG3000 V2?

Re: Moving back to Netgear CG3000 v2 on NBN


You must use the NBN modem! I'm surprised that Optus, and NBNCo, would provide any support if you have replaced the NBN modem.


Assuming you are connected to NBN HFC, last post here should solve your problem. Of course, you will need to purchase a better router than the Optus one.

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