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I placed an order with Optus over a month ago to move address. All seemed pretty straightforward and I received lots of emails telling me everything was on track.

I moved into my new address one week ago and I still don't have the Internet working. I was told that an NBN technician would turn up this afternoon so I took the afternoon off work and they didn't show up.

What is going on? I have been on the chat for hours and no one can sort this out.

Please help!


Re: Moving address


Sadly the NBN has a known bad habit of dodging appointments or simply not showing coupled with telling nobody. Your best bet is to pick up the phone and speak to the relocations team so they can chase up the order with NBNCo along with the missed appointment.

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Re: Moving address


Thanks for your help. Do you know the phone number? I am sick of waiting on that chat app.

Re: Moving address


Hi there,

It's still not working. After being on the phone and on that chat app for hours it is still not working. They have told me that it is already activated but it is not working!

I have tried both my old and new modems, two different ports and it is not working.

I think the worst thing is that it is so so difficult to get hold of them to help you. You have to wait for hours.

I notice that you can get through to the Sales desk straight away. No waiting time there.

How can Optus have this kind of service?

If there was another provider with the Premier League I would be there in a flash.

Can anyone from Optus help me with this please?

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