Basically, the modem supplied when I "upgraded" to NBN sucks; wifi is all but non existent.

When I leave my home office where the NBN was installed, it drops out quickly. 

Wifi to my son's bedroom less than 10 metres away is pathetic - dial up would be an improvement. (I won't even mention the upload/download speeds at times, and the need to constantly reboot.)

I've been with Optus since the beginning, so it's not too much to ask for you guys to supply a modem that actually works well 


Re: Modem


I purchased a Netgear X4S Modem Router, you can use it as a stand alone .. or connected to the crap optus modem in Router mode for more consistant and MUCH MUCH better wifi signals. 

I had the crap connection speeds, and after many phone calls ... NBN (Not optus) had to lower my modem sync speed from 90Mbs to around 75Mbs on my line... BUT in doing this greatly improved my connection and is more stable. I do still have to reset me optus modem every other day, to get the speeds consistant again BUT a HUGE improvement on what I had to start with.

It's also worth noting that in my area the lines are crap and Telstra have the same issues.... and also the same cheap modems. So it might be worth sticking with Optus if you can to as it's cheaper and unlimted.

PS Im on FTTN.

Re: Modem


You need to find another routing module with a good wifi range on it. Or run an ethernet cable to the second router, which is at the other end of your house.


I think the only technical problem with cascading routers, is that you have to make sure they have different IP addresses on your network, or the data might go around in a loop.


There are also wifi extenders. I just picked one at random

Re: Modem


>>NBN (Not optus) had to lower my modem sync speed from 90Mbs to around 75Mbs on my line... BUT in doing this greatly improved my connection and is more stable. 


Interesting factoid. Maybe going even slower would be better.

Re: Modem


I'm now on my third Optus modem in as many months
It's not the NBN that is the problem with mine it's the fact that these routers cannot handle enough connextions, either via wifi or ethernet connected.

For example one iphone can be connected okay and getting amazing (by Aussie standards) speeds yet the ethernet connected computer which is 3 metres away from the crappy optus router will indicate "No Internet Connection"

I have my phone now via VOIP so I am stuck with the crappy Optus router as they will not allow connection through other makes for the phone.

I will give them one more go at fixing this and then I will take it up with the ombudsman or whoever will listen

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You seem like a guy who could benefit from getting a second router and cascading it via ethernet or wifi. That would take the crappy Optus router out of the multi-connection equation.

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Yeah, mate if you want the phone line, just get a good router and plug it in to the Optus modem (this is my set up now). And you can turn the wifi off on the Optus and just use the router. It's a bit of a mess yes. But unfortunately the only option if you still want a home phone line with Optus and even Telstra... blah.

I have two of the Optus modems, got sent one straight away after my first phone call.... it's just as bad if not worse than the first one. 

ALSO check your bill and make sure they don't charge you for the modems. I got charged some stupid amount for my replacement modem (was meant to be free). They fixed the bill up but still keep an eye on them.

Re: Modem


They're definitely not the best @Mikem56. Am I able to confirm if this is something that you've raised with our tech guys on 131344 so that it can be investigated?

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Re: Modem


Many thanks for the head's up! 

Re: Modem


Thanks mate
Didn't reply for a while because I was blocked from using the site.
I think I was moaning too much


Well here's the latest:

I was told by Optus that only Optus routers could be used for voip.

After much discussion with Optus techs I agrred to forego my voip phone for a while and test my old iinet NBN router on the system.

They agreed to give me the password etc to connect up, just to get to the bottom of the problem.
We agreed that if the old non Optus router worked and did not drop devices off it must be the Optus router that is at fault.

I connected the iinet router and lo and behold the internet was live without any account number or password being used!

I then thought I would try my luck with the voip, it worked!


I then went slightly into panic mode and rang the Optus support just to make sure I was connected to Optus NBN and wasn't going to get a bill from iinet!


Optus confirmed that I was connected but they were not sure how.


Anyway I have been connected for the last 3 days without any issues with devices dropping out.

I have had a few minor NBN issues but this affected ALL the devices and it was just the normal thing.
I have not had to reset my router once.


Just to repeat I have now a iinet router with no mods, connected to my Optus NBN with voip working fine!


We'll see how it goes.



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