Modem reset

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I am having problems with the Optus/Sagemcom F@ST 3864OP modem.  I would like to know if this is a common problem or just something wrong with my modem?


Symptoms are a partial lockup, resulting in no Internet access and no phone access!  The lights on the modem are normal - except the phone light is off.   I can ping the modem from another router and it responds normally, but I cannot connect to the modem's web interface (to


The only way to regain access to the net and get it working again is to reset the modem with power off and on.  I can tolerate this on the odd occasion, but it is happening frequently lately.  Twice today so far!


Am I alone with this problem or is it more common?   If I am alone, how do I get it replaced?  The local Optus office are of no use at all - they blatantly tell me they are Sales only!  And as I am hard of hearing, I am not comfortable with trying to resolve this over the phone via the Call Centre.   I am stuck!


if this IS a common problem, may I ask what Optus are doing about it?

Re: Modem reset

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Hi @Tumbi, definitely not a common problem although I have seen one or two instances of it during my time in Tech Support. Usually a factory reset fixes the issue as it forces the modem to check for the latest version of firmware. If you can please try this by pushing a paper clip or pin into the small reset hole located at the back of the modem, then hold it in for 10 seconds until the lights all flash. This will take about 5-10 minutes to complete the reset process. If that doesn't resolve the issue please chat with our team using this link → Optus Chat.



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Re: Modem reset


Thanks Dan, you are a saviour here.


I have been reluctant to do a factory reset, thinking my modem has been configured with my personal login or account details?  If I do a factory reset, how does the modem then know, or how does NBN/Optus know it is ME trying to connect?


But if it is all automatic and does not require any further reconfiguration, I will certainly give that a try.


I guess that leads me to ask ....  Where are my personal login details stored?   This modem is the weak link in the system.  If I lose it, I can't even report the problem with no phone and no Internet!  And if I want a backup device in case of failure, how should I configure the other "backup" modem to ensure it will be able to identify me when it is connected?


Thanks again, Dan.  It is most comforting to know you are here.

Re: Modem reset


For NBN connections with the Sagecom it's fine to do a factory reset - your phone and internet details are pushed through from our Network when the modem connects from your address (it picks up the modem details and can see this modem is assigned to your connection). You may need to reset your WiFi username and password if you have changed this from the factory set username and password. 


Let us know how you go with this

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Re: Modem reset


I migrated from Optus Cable to NBN (over cable) in November and I've now had this EXACT issue twice. Once in December/January for nine days and again yesterday and today (as yet unresolved). Both modem and router have had multiple factory resets at Optus's request but nothing has made any difference. I've decided to fork out the $140 for a new Sagemcom F@ST 3864AC router as it seems to get better reviews and it's a better router (that wouldn't be hard) than the 3864OP model.


I'm interested to know how the above case ended up. I'll also update my situation here before and/or after the new router arrives.

Re: Modem reset


I think that Optus is telling porkies again.

For the past two weeks my modem has been doing EXACTLY the same thing.

It works for a while and then it locks up.

If I try to connect to it via the LAN I get no response.

If I try to PING it I get no response

I go to check it out and all of the lights are normal


If I unplug the power cable for 20 seconds, wait 2 minutes or so and then it's good for a few hours or sometimes days.

I suspect that there are other people with the same problem as well as most people only contact Optus to fix problems and don't post on whirpool forums or Yes Crowd.

So far I have had Optus send me out 4 Sagemcom modems to fix other problems which I suspect weren't the modems anyway.

Now I use the modems as wifi hotspots since my house is two storey but has extensive LAN cabling so I have a sagemcom downstairs where the phone cable comes in and two sagemcoms acting as wifi hotspots at each end of the upstairs floor of my house. (it's a long, skinny house). I have a couple of others programmed to act as wifi hotspots which I can use if one of the others fails.

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