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Modem Delivery through Toll




I am wondering if anyone else has a similar problem as me.


I have tried 5 times through Customer Service to have a modem delivered to my beach house so I can activate my NBN which has been set up.  On one occasion I was not home, (having told Toll I would not be there) and they would not leave it with the tradesman. Two calls went into the vapour when nothimg happend. Once call I nominated a friend to sign fior it...  again nothing happened within 2 weeks, so I called customer service again wanting to cancel. The support person almost begged me to try one more time which I did...  This time I gacve the noninated persons details and their address, I was told there will be no problem, so continued.


Yesterday Toll did go to the nominated address and met the nominated person and then....  wait for it...  told him he couldn't sign for it and they took the modem back.


In summary, I have made 5 calls, spending over 2 hours on this and trhen I get emails saying they will start to bill me as the modem has been sent out....Unbelieveable. Anyone can help?  I have an existing Optus account and relucatnt tio have 2 phone / internet bills,





Re: Modem Delivery through Toll


Why not send it to your address instead of a beach house that is under construction or other addresses?


Often the notes saying "Jim bloggs can sign" don't transpose on to the label, so the courier driver is just doing his job which is to make sure only the addressee can sign.

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Re: Modem Delivery through Toll


Thanks for your reply and interest.


I live overseas which Optus knew about all along....  I have nominated an address and a contact to sign three times, you must be right they delivered it on the 2nd attempt but would not leave it.


Frankly, it is a shocking expereience...  I struggle with the thought that it will be another 30 minite call to cancel it.





Re: Modem Delivery through Toll


Hey @DougP, customers cannot authorise another person to sign for and accept delivery of devices. I believe this is a Toll policy as well.

This is not something that we can assist with here on the forum.
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details at your convenience (you don't need to call) so they can discuss next steps with you.

If not, please Chat with us  

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