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I'm hoping someone can help us..we have recently started renting a new house which has NBN. We ordered an NBN plan through Optus, and when the modem arrived realised there is no NTD box (inside the house) to connect too. The NBN and Optus systems say we have one.

I've been into both the chadstone and Elsternwick Optus stores and also called Optus 4 times to try and get this resolved and still no luck. Optus has told us to contact NBN, NBN have advised that Optus need to resolve this and place a ticket for a technician to visit the property. we keep getting told we will hear from Optus within 24-48 hours and everytime nothing, I'm about to cancel the service and start from scratch with another provider! . Has anyone else had this issue of a missing box? HOw did you get another one installed at the house? How long did it take? 

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" we keep getting told we will hear from Optus within 24-48 hours and everytime nothing"- Pretty much my experience with optus support so far; "You'll get a call back within 24hours", "It will take four hours to take effect" and then nothing.  There seem to be real follow through issues with Optus support, and the fact that you have to rely on them to communicate with NBN complicates things further. 


Have you spoken to your landlord at all?  The previous tennant presumably took the NTD, which should have stayed in place.

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Thanks. Yes,the landlord has checked with the previous tenet and they are convinced they only have the equipment from tpg (not NBN).

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Hey @Helpplease1-  Thanks for reaching out.

Happy to look into this for you & see what we can do.

Can you please send us a PM with your account details, full name and DOB?


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Has your problem been solved? Boy do I wish I had seen this post before signing up. I'm currently going through the exact same thing . I was speaking to Optus/being kept on hold for well over 3 hours today as had an appointment made 3 weeks ago for this NTD box to be installed. Next thing I find out NBN technician cancelled it on the day the appointment was made (3 weeks ago) The most frustrating part of the events are

1.the technician and nbn have zero communication on appointments being cancelled

2.Optus had 3 weeks to notify me the appointment was cancelled and what was required to reschedule

3.I took an unpaid day of work today to be home for this so called "installation" that was actually cancelled weeks ago without my knowledge costing me -$450 worth of unpaid work day. 

4.I haven't even begun my service with Optus and I'm already $450 out of luck with them. 

I'm also considering cancelling them and going with Telstra. 

Please let me know how things turned out. 

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Hey Maorimama, apologies for the missed appointment, far from what we want to hear Smiley Sad If you'd like to shoot me a PM (include your full name, DOB, and account/service/order number) we can look into the notes and see what's happened with the appointment and the follow up. 

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I have sent you a pm earlier today. Thank you.

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Wish i had seen this sooner too.


I am having nothing but issues with my Install, with no luck so far from 3 or so different live chat agents, after giving them all the same information and promises of it getting resolved.


Yet so far im almost 4 weeks after my initial sign up and still dont have a firm date on installation, which christmas coming up it looks like its not going to be until next year i'll get NBN sorted. Smiley Sad


Worst install experience of NBN to date and i have done about 10 of them (residential and business).... 

spoke to a live chat agent this morning, lets see what happens, but with previous experience i guess i shouldnt hope for much at all.

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