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Hi All,


I have recently moved house and had the NBN install booked for yesterday (booked it weeks ago).  I was told the property had the NBN already and a tech would attend site to reactivate the line.  I took the afternoon off work to wait.  


I had a call early in the afternoon from an Optus employee to activate my line.  Turns out the previous tennant took the NTD with them (cable area) so I couldn't proceed.  Now I have had wait for another 8 days for a site appointment.


Very frustrated with this.  I arranged the site appointment weeks ago so this wouldn't be a problem.  Not sure why the appointment was changed to an over the phone activation. 


Aside from that (I understand the Optus / NBN can't stop the tennant taking their device, though the NTD should probably be installed in a fixed cabinet or at minimum have a "DO NOT REMOVE FROM PROPERTY" sticker on it) all that I need is an NTD delivered, plugged in to an F-Type connection, and activated.  5-10 mins at most (had the same at my previous address).  Surely there is an earlier appointment!  I have spoken to the NBN and even they have told me an earlier appointment shouldn't be a problem, but I have to go through Optus to book it in.  Posting this here hoping another channel may have better authority to change this appointment.  I need the internet up and running for work, and my 4G connection is flakey at best in the new area (glen waverley, so thats another issue for Optus).



Re: Missing NBN NTD


Hi, I have a similar issue and found your query searching thru the forums. Looks like your query was lodged in 2017 and you could have definitely found a way out by now. I had 2 "No turnup" appointments so far and the third escalation got me into the loop of Call NBN directly >> not our problem, call service provider directly. Can you please advise how did you resolve this?

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