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Occasional Contributor Marrick80
Occasional Contributor

Marrickville NBN congestion



I have been with been with Optus NBN for 18 months now and have had nothing but the mistake negative experience, mostly related to slow speed ( 1 to 3 mbps download). To the credit of the support team, they try their best to fix it by upgrading me to a boost plan and sent me a new modem. However, the issues persists. One of the support person told me that it was a known issue for Marrickville, because Optus hasn’t purchased sufficient bandwidth. While the problem is known, they have no timeline for resolution. I have requested many times to let me cancel the line without penalty but they just won’t waive it. Can someone from Crowd please offer to waive this fee? I’m already disgruntled and no longer want to use Optus, and Optus has acknowledged its inability’s to deliver the service, but why not let me go so you can serve my bandwidth to other disgruntled customers?

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Marrickville NBN congestion

Hey thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear of the issues with your internet. We can definitely look at your account notes to review your options. Typically these requests can only be handled by the Retention Team, but I'll definitely take a look and provide advice. Please send me a private message with your account number, full name and DOB. I'll follow up asap.

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