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Mac crashes with NBN

I have just had NBN (National Broadband Network) connected, now when I turn on my macbook and connect to the internet via ethernet cable or wifi through my airport, as soon as I click on anything, I get the spinning beach ball, mac freezes and I have to turn off via the power button. I have OS10.6.8 and cannot upgrade to another OS. I have clicked IVP4 (i don’t have IVP6) to Off in Network Preferences to no avail. Can you help

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Re: Mac crashes with NBN

Judging from my days of doing Apple support ~2009 it sounds like the issue is a bit deeper then just the connection type.

As its both wireless and ethernet doing the same thing could indicate a firewall or antivirus issue.


Do you have a firewall or antivirus on your Mac? (yes, Macs can get viruses)


You will need IPv4 enabled to get a connection, so probably best to reset the network first:


System Preferences>Network, select Wi-Fi and then the - icon

This will remove the existing to allow you a fresh start.

Clicking on the + icon will take you through the setup of wifi again

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Re: Mac crashes with NBN

As a mac user myself @GTFO is correct. Your issue is with your Mac not with the connection type.


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