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Lodging a complaint

I am really frustrated with Optus' customer service. I have been a customer of Optus for my postpaid mobile plan as well as mobile broadband, and have never had issues with them for the two services. 


I'm trying to connect my new place with NBN, and ordered the service with Optus (why not) on 15 Aug. Today is 31 August. Here are my frustrations, just to note all the different parts of the frustration!


- I put in and order which is linked to a Flybuys offer. In the first few conversations over the phone with an Optus rep, I kept on being pushed around to call or get connected to another department. No one could find my order. Once someone could, a feedback I received for not receiving an order number yet is because, I can't connect NBN to my place. How is that even a logical answer, on the website there's a search tool to see if the specific location could be serviced by NBN!

- Finally got my Order Number (typically within a day), I received this after at least 4 phone calls (to reps in Philippines), around 4 days after the order. 

- With the Order Number, I can now apparently "track my order" or rather, check status of the different parts of the order. After waiting another 3 days, no updates were given on the page, my installation kit stayed at "ready to be dispatched". Only after 7 days the status was updated to "has been dispatched". Mind you, the updates done were not in sync with what actually happened in real life! I actually received the modem before the 7 days! It tells me they don't talk to each other, their system is really messed up. 

- On 18 August, I received an Optus Msg (text), stating that an appointment has been scheduled for 29 August 2017, 1pm-5pm.

- I received a letter on 22 August, advising that I will get connected on 19 August 2017 (ecstatic when I read the letter but totally misleading. We were not even close to being connected, the modem hadn't even arrived then!!!)

- I then had a chat around 23 August with an Optus rep, he looked into the case, mentioned that apparently an NBN technician came to try and activate on 19 August, but they found out that there's a problem with the connection from Exchange to our place. I was told that there's no such appointment for 29 August (So who sent the text??? It's not even on their system!!). Rep told me that NBN technician advised that they will visit our place on 4 Sept. 

- I then had another chat around 24 August with an Optus rep just to check the status. Shane from pre-activations team told me that there's no such appointment for 4 Sept, he apparently had a long talk to NBN, and agreed on 31 August for the activation/site visit. He convinced me someone from NBN will call me to schedule the appointment. I asked if I can have it earlier, he mentioned I can talk to the person that would call me to check if there's an earlier slot available. 

- NO ONE CALLED ME! And today's 31 August, no one turned up from NBN. 

- I had another chat, now with Christine. I told her about the situation, she happily confirmed that NBN advised the appointment is set for 12 September! Another new date!!!!!!

- Just to mention about how Optus is all over the place and don't know what they're doing, I'll talk about my Fetch TV order (bundled with the NBN). I received an email on 25 August, confirmin that my box is on its way. I clicked on the "Track your delivery", and it looks like my Order number is "OTT_15942476" from the URL, and still today, the page returns "Unable to find the requested search reference". I asked an Optus chat (again through chat), she mentioned that my order number is 15956238. I entered this number, it's someone else's delivery from February 2017! I told her that, she said that's normal, I will get my details when it's on the system. How is that even possible? Startrack recycles order numbers???? To add to the unbelievable journey I've had with Optus so far, when the package finally came 3 days ago, it had a totally different order number (from the two earlier) on the package. 

- I checked the "Track your order" page again today, still, my Fetch TV status is "It will be sent to you after your broadband service has been activated". They don't even know that I've received one!

- I am utterly frustrated with Optus. This is really, the worst worst worst service I've received from any provider (not just telco).


This is my formal complaint. 

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Re: Lodging a complaint

Oh, you haven't even BEGUN your troubles with Optus.  My suggestion is to keep a list of names, employee numbers, dates and all of the outages you experience.  

Have fun


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