Local network connected but no internet



i have just had NBN connected to my house. I have plugged in my modem and my tv and phone are picking up the wifi signal but they are saying I am not connected to the internet. My tv says I am connected the local network but no the internet. 


I have completed full reset on my modem and used the trouble shooting guide online with no luck. 


Any suggestions? 



Re: Local network connected but no internet


Generally you now need Optus to activate the line from there end. 


Contact LIVECHAT here on line and request that. They should be able to confirm they can see your modem from their end.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Local network connected but no internet


Hello, Shanae


I had a similar issue; NBN connected, modem installed, network but no internet connection on any device despite numerous resets of the modems as well as a replacement. It turned out that Optus had assigned a static IP address which meant that the modem couldn’t communicate with or be seen by Optus. Once the tech person onsite identified this all it needed was a phone call to remove it and internet & wifi started working.


If you’re talking with an Optus tech it might be worth mentioning this just in case it applies to your situation too.


Good luck.




Mike P

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