Lack of transparency about nbn


I have received my modem and have all the hardware hooked up ready to access the internet how ever when I track my order it says the service activation is scheduled for the 9th of April  however it is now the 16th or April i have contacted optus chat about this problem and they said it's not there problem basicly so I am now left here clueless whether or not when or if i will get access to the nbn, I don't mind if they need to send nbn out to the node to connect it, I just want transparency when and if this service will be activated it's frustrating I have spend at least 8 hours waiting on the phone and chat to be told that it's not their issue it's nbn's. Horrible customer service.


Re: Lack of transparency about nbn


Regardless of if Optus is supplying you the internet service directly or resaling it (they're resaling it to you from the NBN), it's absolutely there problem. They need to chase it up with NBN for you as you're paying them, not the NBN.


I'd give them a call and advise them that you want to be advised of your activation date and if necessary, your install date. 

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