Lack of NBN connection


My family has been without NBN service since Dec 22. The process and ability for me to communicate with Optus is very difficult; customer service is hopeless and Optus' ability to communicate with NBN and their service delivery also utterly hopeless.


Optus has been doing a great job charging me for my nonexistent NBN service over the last 2 months but a less than stellar job of getting the NBN fixed. I am now on my 5th appointment for an NBN technician to come over between 1-5pm; the 1 meeting we did have at my home took place just after 5pm where I was informed the problem was at the pole and there was nothing he could do. Sice then I've had one no show, one arrival but he wouldn't look at the grounds because our babysitter was not 18 and then the last visit again a no show although I took time off work a second time to be there for half the day.

Today I have a text that they will be there tomorrow - my wifes work schedule has changed and there is no way to communicate with either Optus or NBN. 


My experience with both Optus and NBN has been unbelievable; you cannot contact NBN, you cannot easily contact Optus (I've been trying different methods for the last hour or so) so there is no way to prevent an NBN visit where there will not be anyone home.This process of managing communication is absolutely the worst I've ever seen and incredibly wasteful for all involved. Does the Yes Crowd know how to get in contact with Optus to cancel/move an NBN appointment before 1pm tomorrow? In most business situations this could be rectified with a single phone call or text - what is the Optus solution?


Re: Lack of NBN connection


I feel your pain! I am only without NBN for almost 2 weeks- hopefully it doesn’t take 2 months!

I totally agree with your communication complaints- I have had endless trouble being transferred from department to department, I have had two technical agents take my number and say they will call me back and have never heard from them. To top it off, after an hour on the chat app with them yesterday, I was told my case number will be escalated and I will be updated.... I wake up this morning to a text from Optus saying “we tried  calling you” ... what utter bullsh!t- I had no missed calls.

I find this very poor and beyond frustrating. 


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