LAN does not work in Optus WIFI modem


I just connected to NBN recently and have Optus WIFI modem received. The first modem I received I found the LAN port does not work. I called Optus technical support and they said I got faulty modem and they send me another new one. I received the new one today but the LAN port still not working. I tried to use my old ADSL router modem connected to NBN and LAN port connect to my desktop, it works fine. I have the same connection but always cannot get Optus WIFI modem's LAN working. Have anyone have the same problem? Please help. Thank you.

Re: LAN does not work in Optus WIFI modem


Two modems with the lan port not working suggests there is a configuration issue, not a hardward issue.


The modems should have four lan ports.


Try only plugging a single piece of equipment (a PC?) into one port. 


I assume you haven't been able to get to the modem setup page in a browser?


Try set your PC network settings to DHCP (auto) and restart this should ensure your equipment connects.




Peter Gillespie

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