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New Contributor ChrisRob
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Keeping existing Optus email if different nbn providor

Hi, does anyone know if we can "buy" our email address ( from Optus and then have it hosted by say Google, if we decide to go with a different providor for NBN.  We've been with Optus for over 20 years and our email address is registered with every business, govt.dept. or organisation that we have ever dealt with, and it would be near impossible to know every single one which we would need to change over to a new email address, so I'd prefer to keep it. Thanks for any help.

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Keeping existing Optus email if different nbn providor

The answer is a flat no. That's why they provide the email service in the first place - to make it that bit harder to leave.


FWIW its actually not that hard to migrate to a RSP independent email address (GMail) so long as you do it while you still are with Optus. I would defintely recommend it for the freedom it provides as well as benefits like more storage, Two factor authentication, Better Spam handling, etc. I wrote a quick guide a while ago:




Importantly the process (of setting up a seperate email) doesn't affect your Optus account at all. You can set a GMail up tonight and have a play and switch back to Optus at any point if you feel its not working for you. General process is:


1) Set Up GMail Account.

2) In Gmail Settings set it to import all current emails from Optus

3) In Gmail Settings set it to import all new emails that go to the optus address (realtime)


Don't change the gmail reply address. The point is you want to get everyone using your new address. Any replys to the gmail address obviously go the the GMail account


4) Set the new Optus emails to have a 'tag' (or colour code in GMail) makes it very easy to see whats still coming to Optus.

5) Update important accounts you can remember with the GMail address (banks, utilities, security, subscriptions, etc.)

6) Email your contacts with the new address.

7) Roll through the last 6 months of Inbox and pick out any emails that you reckon need the email updated.

8) Think about any annual events that need the email address updated (Rates?) 

9) Monitor what's coming to Optus and whats coming to Gmail (all via GMail using the tag you setup before) and you should see almost nothing to Optus soonish.

10) Stop using Optus Email


While you're at it, set up 2 factor authentication in GMail (and a recovery alternate address) for much better email security. You can also link two Gmail addresses to swap between so you and your wife could each have their own if you wanted.


Note GMail also has very effective tabs (for example all sales related stuff ends up under "Promotions" and can be ignored as wanted. When you first start though there will be a few misfilings so check each tab. Any issues just drag and drop the email to the correct tab and select "Always do this for this email". Sorts things out very quickly.




As a last tip on getting your emails updated you can switch to the Google Contacts Page. Bottom Left is an option called "Other Contacts" which is just a list of every email address you've intereacted with (Mine had 427 addresses). You can select them all then hit "Export" and "All Selected" and you've got a stright up list to browse through and know you need to update (Most of them you won't.)


Good Luck

New Contributor DCBC
New Contributor

Re: Keeping existing Optus email if different nbn providor

Tahnsk for a comprehensive answer.  Seemed like such a great idea 20 odd years ago to get that email address with the internet, only just occurred to me that it ties me to optus for NBN. And given the service providers only really care about getting new business not maintinaing loyal customers, I want to eb able to look around freely.


Your post has made the job seem less overwhelming - thought I know it will still be frustrating but need to start - there goes the weekend

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