Issues to


Anyone else always have issues with getting to BBC or BBC sport?


Pings OK.

Always misses a hop via Tracert

traceroute: Warning: has multiple addresses; using

traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 72 byte packets

1 (  0.850 ms  0.396 ms  0.456 ms

2 (  10.156 ms  10.434 ms  10.444 ms

3  * * *

4 (  11.626 ms  10.616 ms  10.741 ms

5 (  11.300 ms  10.598 ms  10.957 ms

6 (  24.585 ms  26.422 ms  27.183 ms

7 (  10.998 ms  10.282 ms  10.429 ms


Cant view in Safari, Chrome or Firefox.

Re: Issues to


The fact your trace stops after the Telstra Global network, so it lives on Fastly caching, and it's picking up the most optimal server is off the Telstra network. I for example on AussieBB hit a server directly peered off our Aussie network.


I'm seeing many people in Whirlpool complain about BBC streaming issues across the board, so it makes me think it's more upstream connectivity issues. eg: to reach BBC UK, you have to either go


Perth > Singapore > Dubai > Europe into London

Sydney > LA > NYC > London


Sadly, this isn't something Optus can fix as it's upstream of their providers. The only thing I can suggest, try changing your DNS to or and see if it picks up a different IP.

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