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New Contributor RobDev
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Is there any way to have an overlap when moving home

Hi all.


I'm currently on Optus NBN and i'm moving house in early July. I'm happy to stay with Optus but i was wondering if there was a way to get the new home connected before disconnecting at the old address. I will be moving in slowly over a week and i need access at both addresses if possible?

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Is there any way to have an overlap when moving home

You can ask, but I don't believe so. You do possibly have a few other options though:


1) Use your mobile phone as a hotspot in the address less likely to be 

2) Buy a prepaid stick and a prepaid plan (Depending on coverage)

  a) Telstra 4GX for $19 then get a SIM (Device might be locked to Telstra) for $30 here

  b) Optus 4G Plus for $19 (includes 4Gb of data) - or better SIM plans here from $10-$30

3) If you are out of contract with Optus then you could also just get a second NBN service with another RSP. Plenty offer one month no contract options. You could get the NBN setup nicely before cancelling the old sevice. And on one month you can transfer back into Optus anytime.


Thiking about it, Optus should be able to offer a whole second NBN service (even if you are in contract still) with the understanding you'll be shutting the old one down with no penalties. There's no technical reason why not but I suspect they just say its policy to not allow. Even if they did agree I suspect you might be in for a bit of hassle getting the payments sorted out afterwards.


Peter Gillespie

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