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New Contributor willbour
New Contributor

Is there a better alternative to the Sagemcom AC WiFi modem

I am wanting to move to NBN, but want to understand if the Optus supplied Modem can actually do the job or will I simply get adsl speeds on the NBN network.  I have friends who have switched to nbn via Optus and Telstra none have good reports.  I am keen to move.

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Crowd Champion Davelew
Crowd Champion

Re: Is there a better alternative to the Sagemcom AC WiFi modem


I think most people can manage with the sagemcom that Optus supply, however, if you want good wifi reception throughout a reasonable size house and/or you want to be able to amend some of the settings such as the DNS address I would recommend adding a decent router.

I've always had a seperate router because of these reasons and have recently migrated to NBN.

I have just purchased a new Netgear Orbi mesh router which has enabled me to place a satellite router upstairs.  The great thing with these types is the ease of which you can get them up and working. Just connect an Ethernet cable from the optus router to the Orbi and from an app on your phone you follow the setup instructions with the router automatically adjusting the connection settings. Cost for the Orbi RBK20 is about $300.

I have altered the setting of the router to adjust the DNS address and added static routes to my needs and get great wifi reception throughout the house.

Besides the Orbi have a look at the Google wifi hubs.

Have a look at my blog also:




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Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Re: Is there a better alternative to the Sagemcom AC WiFi modem

I have been on Optus NBN FTTN for 2+ years and use the AC variant of the Optus modem. I live in a NSW country city. Where I live has very few competing WiFi users. I have had no problems with either NBN or Optus (as RSP) or the modem-router.


However, reading lots of negative posts here and at Whirlpool may give you a different perspective. My belief is that there are three contributors to issues: FTTN distance to the node, quality of Copper connecting to the NBN (FTTN and FTTC), and local (nearby) wireless (WiFi) congestion. HFC and FTTP should be OK; I'm not knowledgeable about NBN fixed wireless. If you do not have a lot of devices that will connect via the Optus modem-router, it should be OK. If you do, then you may be wise to invest in a better product.


My suggestion is to give it a try. If it does not meet your expectations, I believe you will be able to opt out. Optus NBN is not bad - in my case it is good.


[edit] There may be a fourth contributor. There is anecdotal evidence that a number of reported issues may be the result of using some, older Apple devices. They may have an incompatibility with the 5GHz WiFi connection to routers; the 5GHz settings of the router need to be modified from their default settings for those devices.

Regular Contributor
Regular Contributor

Re: Is there a better alternative to the Sagemcom AC WiFi modem

@willbour. I tend to forget this one. If you want a landline, you must use the Optus modem-router. If not, you can use any, compatible device.


I also forgot to say that I don't understand how any NBN connection gets only ADSL speeds. If they do, they need to raise a fault and, if necessary, a complaint.

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