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New Contributor SamDickenson
New Contributor

Is the online support a bot?

After multple attempts to resolve issues with the online chat service, I have to ask myself, are they bots?


If not they are rudest and most unhelpful customer support I have ever dealt with, consistenly refusing to even acknoeldge diffeicult questions and taking extremly long times to answer simple questions.


Just wondered if anyone can confirm if they are bots, or just rude humans. This isn't a personal attack against any of them, I am sure that the awful way they are behaving is exactly what the are trained to do. I can post transcripts if anyone needs examples..


Is there a email address for Optus I can complain to?



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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Is the online support a bot?

They aren't bots. You can tell, because they are slow, and can answer tricky questions about the weather in the Philippines. Then they will try to force the $40 sim plan onto you, about 5 times, even if you say you have no phone.


We would enjoy seeing a transcipt of them being rude.

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Occasional Contributor Breytac
Occasional Contributor

Re: Is the online support a bot?

Can't say I've had a rude online support person, but they are definitely pushy. When I was signing up for NBN the sales guy asked me if I wated to upgrade my phone. I politely told him I wasn't interested. If I want a new phone I'll go out and buy one, that way I know its not infected with useless bloatware. I'm also considering ipgrading my speed from tier 2 to tier 3. Again, sales guy was pushy, even though I had said I was *considering* going up a tier, not *wanting* to go up a tier.

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Moderator Aman_B

Re: Is the online support a bot?

This is pretty disappointing to hear 😞 Apologies for the experience  @SamDickenson. Please PM me Here and we can discuss of your experience. 

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