Is the NBN compulsory?

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The National Broadband Network (NBN) is a huge technological upgrade to our pre-existing copper broadband network. As part of this upgrade, existing phone lines, ADSL internet will be switched off. Whilst some Telstra Velocity fibre network services and Optus/Telstra Cable services will be merged into the NBN or remain as they are.


In short, yes - if you'd like to keep your premises connected to the internet, you'll need to switch to the NBN when it's available in your area.


Woah - does that mean I have to make a decision right now?

Nope! Once NBN has marked your area as service available, you have 18 months to choose a provider to continue your connection with - or in some cases, less than that if Optus advises you via letter that they intend on disconnecting your existing Internet service by a certain date, usually three months from the time NBN becomes available in your premises. (Heads up: They will advise you to ignore other dates indicated by other parties if the latter is the case - you can always check out Optus' NBN plans!)

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