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Is my Saegecom 3864OP router toasted?

Ok, so got home and there are random LED's on but the power LED is not one of them. What Tha!!?? We're talking not just front LED's but also green LED's on some of the ethernet ports with nothing but the power jack plugged in.


Have power cycled it, tried the reset button and nothing gives. Unplugged it overnight came back next morning and just lights up those same LED's


The NBN modem seems to be ok - reboots but gets stuck blinking trying to pass the upstream test so wondering if that is toasted as well. All of my other computer gear is running fine, so is it possible there has been a surge up the data line? (on NBN over Foxtel/Telstra copper cable)


I've tried plugging in the old Optus Netgear Cable router via the WAN port and switched it to access via WAN,but had no effect.


Keen for a solution as don't want to chew up my phone data allowance

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Re: Is my Saegecom 3864OP router toasted?

Sorry I'm quite confused by your post.


So on your Sagem, there is no POWER LED?

>> If no power led, contact Optus and it probably needs replacing.


When you say "THE NBN MODEM", are you referring to the Arris NBN cable device? 

>> Is this stuck with the US light flashing?

 >> YES: Optus need to log a case with NBN to rectify


The Optus cable modem won't work on the NBN cable point, they're two different setup's (Even though on the basic side of things they are the same).

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