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Is anyone getting on going continual dropouts

My adsl 2 was much better than this failurure of a service. Three Optus modems later countless hours waiting in phone to Optus technicians. Lots of calls back from various people working to solve it. Texts saying it is fixed when it isn't. Only reliable internet connection is 3G on my phone.  This is a massive fail and I am nowhere near satisfied. To add insult to injury they still get my bill Seng and have the hide to even send me one in the first place. It seems no one is listening or able to solve this massive fail. Sending this rant off my phone because nbn been out for the last 2 hours and I cannot care to ring them up about it again!  

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Re: Is anyone getting on going continual dropouts

People who come here, complaining about their NBN tend to report dropouts. It's not your modem. I think the dropouts occur at times of congestion.


There may be differences between Telstra/Optus/iinet etc. They buy different amounts of CVC backhaul. iiNet complaints have gone up 46%. Optus 18%



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