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Is Optus NBN Throttling certain services or shaping certain data traffic? (IPTV Box)

Hi guys,


I'm hoping someone knowledgable in this area can lend some ideas or solutions to this problem.


I've been using Vividwireless for a long time now as a broadband solution for the longest of time since Optus ADSL2 in my area was just too slow and Vivid had better speeds. When NBN came to my area I was one of the first to sign up and I couldn't have been happier as I purchased it with Speed pack tier 3 which is (50mbps) and on average non-peak times I get around (46mbps) and peak times it drops to about to (30mbps) and this is FTTN which is more than I could ever ask for.


But my problem isn't with speed. It's with a certain set top box or IPTV called TFC which is basically an IPTV box that uses internet connection to stream Filipino channels from Philippines to Australia which my mum uses.


Now when we were using vividwireless, which is a modem that takes a sim and uses optus' 4g network capped at 12mbps, the streaming on this IPTV TFC box was flawless, no buffering no lag and in crystal clear HD. Remember the speed on vivid is only 12mbps! I believe you need a minimum 5mbps to stream HD content on your internet connection.


So when I connected the box to our NBN network, the videos would load extremely slow and by slow I mean it would buffer for about 1-2mins, play some video for about 5 seconds and then buffer again for 1-2 mins which is insane because I'm carrying out speed tests on my laptop when I'm doing this and the speed tests are coming back 30mbps+ so it can't be the NBN being slow.

The reason why I know this is because in the set-top box menus, it's got to load up pages when cycling through channels and programs and loading those pages is quick and loads up 0-100% in less than a second but as soon as you hit play on any video content it just slows down drastically.


Solutions I've already tried: restarting the modem to factory settings, replacing the old wireless adapter in the TFC IPTV box with a wireless N adapter (capable of handling 300mbps speeds), restarting the set top box back to factory settings.


I feel 100% sure optus is throttling the video content data, packets or content from this certain service down to something like 256kbps.


As a countermeasure I've reactivated the vividwireless modem in the meantime since the modem uses a sim instead of a fixed line, I can have two internet services up and running and the set top box continues to run fine with the vivid modem. All this just so my mum can continue to watch her Filipino TV shows. But it's not ideal for me to be paying for two internet services. 😞


Any one of expertise able to shed some knowledge here? Is Optus throttling the speed for this service? Am I going crazy? Anyone have a similar experience? Would love to hear some possible suggestions or if I'm lucky, some solutions! 




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Re: Is Optus NBN Throttling certain services or shaping certain data traffic? (IPTV Box)

I don't believe Optus throttle specific traffic. The T&Cs allow for it to maintain the overall performance for other users but again I don't think they target data types. FWIW The 4G vivid line would be much more likely to want to throttle out unwanted data streams as it has so little wiggle room to begin with.


Your post tickled something at the back of my brain and then remembered the main undersea cable from Oz to Singapore (and presumably the Phillopeans) recently had (and is having) some major issues.


You can read about it here


It doesn't quite explain why the vivid (different routing of 4G and landline data?) is doing better but I'd strongly suspect its the cause of your woes. Apparently a whole new cable will come online in around six months so you might need to stay with vivid for a while.


The only other thought I had is you could try changing RSPs to test but you might be on contract and its a bit drastic when you have another option in play.


Perhaps you could get through to a Optus tech team and see if they can't figure out why the landline routing is so much poorer than the 4G routing. Ideally if you could get a remote server IP and then PING or TRACEROUTE the signal you could get a much better idea of where the connection was slowing down. You should be able to do that on a PC at least. Not sure if you can find the TRACEROUTE in the IPBox. Feel free to post the results.




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Re: Is Optus NBN Throttling certain services or shaping certain data traffic? (IPTV Box)

An update


Peter Gillespie