Internet speed fluctuation on PS4 Pro

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I’ve had NBN since it came out in my area as ADSL was unstable with 80% packet loss and getting around 100kbps to 5Mbps down/up (but most of the time it would be at 100kbps).


Being on the NBN is ok but it could have been better, but anyway for the past few weeks I have been plagued with really bad fluctuating speeds ranging from 5Mbps to 93Mbps download on my PS4 Pro as for my upload it’s not an issue but as my upload drops it can sometimes boost my download and other times my download will copy my upload speeds 30Mbps.


This has been going on, on Peak and Off Peak times & when no one else is using the internet apart from me.


I have opened all ports to my PS4, Changed the MTU & DNS nothing seems to work.


I’m wondering if anyone else has this problem & knows how to fix it?


And just in case anyone asks me what I’m using and how I’ve got my PS4 set up.


Modem/Router: Tp-Link Archer C9 v1 with up to date  Firmware.


PS4 is Wired via 15 meter CAT 6 lan cable as wifi or power line won’t work (to much interference from something).


the MTU for the PS4 is set to 1442-1445 (the ping from my modem to the PS4 tends to timeout any higher then that)

Re: Internet speed fluctuation on PS4 Pro


Hey @Razer, thanks for shooting through a detailed account of your experience. It really does sound like you've performed a number of necessary trouble shooting on your end and I'm sorry to hear that there hasn't been any change. How do other services perform, i.e. streamed services such as YouTube or Netflix? Obviously you'd be mitigating some packet loss via a cat 6. Are fluctuations more noticeable when attempting to access specific gaming servers such as EA?


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Re: Internet speed fluctuation on PS4 Pro


Regardless of when a game is on or the console itself is just sitting there with no game running as I do the speed test and see give me read outs of as low of 2-10Mbps this can be at anytime and when ever some one is or isn’t using the smart TV for YouTube or Netflix.


How ever it is more noticeable when the TV is on but not using anything that requires internet.


The other thing is that this happens even at night 10pm and onwards as I wanted to see if it does go on throughout the night and it does.


I have even turned the power off for 5 minutes but no luck.

Re: Internet speed fluctuation on PS4 Pro


Thanks for the extra information @Razer Smiley Happy 


Are you able to PM us with your account details so we can take a look into this for you and see what might be causing this.



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Re: Internet speed fluctuation on PS4 Pro


Was this solved? I have the exact same problem and it was isolated to the PS4 but no solution I wouldnt mind knowing if a better modem or different setting will fix this or it is just a PS4 issue that can not be fixed?

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