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Occasional Contributor Eagle59
Occasional Contributor

Internet requiring regular resets of modem (or pc)

On a regular basis my browser will be unable to connect to a web site that have just been able to access. Either by restarting my pc ( which gives the modem a kick) or resetting the modem) I can regain access to the site again.

This has only happened since I changed over to NBN with a different OPTUS modem.

Does this happen to anybody else?

I notice OPTUS itself does recommend resetting modems to solve problems like this but as I said I did not have it on OPTUS Broadband only NBN.

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New Contributor Paquicamus
New Contributor

Re: Internet requiring regular resets of modem (or pc)

Hi Eagle 59. I did have the same problem. Resetting every 2 hours. I have never had the same problem with broadband. Technical Support, suggested to unplug power cables once per week. Something to do with the accumulation of static electricity in the Modem.
After 3 days same problem again, Technical Support decided to change the Modem (my old one was 3 year plus (white) for a new one (black one). Same problem after 3 days! They are INVESTIGATING.
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