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Internet not working

My internet just stopped working last week. Opened ticket / service request and trying to get help either through chat or phone support. As usual (reboot modems, shuold be fixed tomorrow, reset modem, power off, power on, etc. etc. ) it took about 10 times to finally get a technician send out. Time slot was this morning from 8am-12pm. Tech did not turn up (or at least did not contact me) and now Optus support tells me the following: 


"Greetings From Optus
I am sorry that the chat got disconnected and as per the update from the NBN co there is no fault and the MDF.
And NBN technician has determined the fault is outside nbn?s demarcation due to Internal Wiring Issue so we request you to get a local technician to get the internal wiring fixed from MDF to your premise."


Is that a joke or do they really want me to get a electrian in on my own cost now to check the wires from MDF to my unit? 

At this point I am thinking of simply cancel my Optus contract and going to another ISP. 


Any other deas what I can do?


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Re: Internet not working

Appreciate that this isn't the best outcome to have 😞

Unfortunately, if the fault does fall between the MDF and your premises then a private tech may be required - it's not something our technicians can work on.

This is due to our support boundaries, it would be the same with other ISP's.

I'm sorry if this has caused any inconvenience, if you do need assistance with anything else please let us know.


You can also get in touch with our Faults team 24x7 HERE

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