Internet dropout at the same time everyday


I have been having a number of internet dropouts over the last few months but after replacing my modem, fixing all internal cabling issues I am now noticing that I get a drop out at 11:16am and 11:16pm everyday.  I don't beleive this is a co-incidence. 

Is anyone else experiencing dropouts at regular times?  Could this be the modem resetting itself on a schedule (I have one of the latest Optus Saegemm fastmodems)? or is this the NBN network itself?


Re: Internet dropout at the same time everyday


Most intriguing. What NBN technology are you using?


Have you factory reset the modem? There are no built in reset options in the modem though.


IMO its likely NBN but possibly some local factor is the issue. As a test try:


1) At 11pm completely disable any wifi on the modem. Does the dropout still occur?

1) Next day, At 11pm turn the modem off and then back on. Does the dropout still occur?

2) Any electrical equipment in your house on a timer (Pool Filter? Night Light?)

3) See if you can find a close neighbour with the NBN (any provider). Do they get the dropout?

4) Optus record all dropouts (and possibly reasons). Contact them and ask what they know about your line at 11:16pm each night.

5) Request Optus get the NBN involved to check your line (could be them or you or Optus or also a neighbour's connection cross talking (esp for FTTC or HFC)


Peter Gillespie 

Re: Internet dropout at the same time everyday


Thanks Peter.  I will try those things.


The test by disabling the wifi, is that to check if there is anything on my network causing the drop out?

I don't have any electrical equipment on timers etc and most of my devices are through the ethernet (not wifi).  It doesn't only happen at 11:16pm but also at 11:16am.


Once I have done these tests and also tested with a previous modem (to rule the modem out) i'll try to contact optus.  The difficulty I have is that the optus support technicians don't like to listen to what the actual problem is.  I am trying to get another issue fixed with them regarding fetch tv through my iphone that doesn't work when on my own wifi and although a problem record number has been recorded on this site on how to fix it, they don't want to recognise that and keep just telling me to log on and off, reinstall the app etc...   Very frustrating.


I'll keep persisting



Re: Internet dropout at the same time everyday


Good Luck. Hopefully they will have a cause listed against your drop out in there system.


Turning off the wifi is just the old debugging adage. Make everything as simple as you can until something works again. Then add back in stuff untill it stops working again.


Peter Gillespie

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