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I have a modem from optus. It is a black Sagem one. 

When I search for the network on any of our devices I notice there is my modem and another modem exactly the same but with 5Ghz next to the modem number. 

1st question: Which one do I connect to, the modem with my number or the 5Ghz version?


Also I have notice that the internet keeps dropping out. There are some days when the reception is strong and some days when the reception is poor. If I use any of my mobile device the speed test shows that the speed is adequate however when I try and use browsers they scroll for ages.

2nd question: What can I do? I have spoken to support but they keep telling me everything is fine. I had a Telstra modem previously and I never had a problem.


Re: Internet drop out

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I don't know the specifics of that modem however its sounds like its broadcasting on 2 bands. The 5Ghz band would be the best one to connect with if you are having dropouts as its less prone to interference. Keep in mind if you are simply getting too far away from the modem range using 5Ghz could make the problem worse.


Edit: I assume you meant WiFi dropping out not the modem dropping the connection.

Re: Internet drop out


Yes, sorry, I mean WiFi  reception. Trouble is I don't have to be that far from my modem to lose reception. When I had my Telstra modem, I could use my WiFi in the garden, that's 40m away. With this modem, 3m and I start to lose reception. The annoying thing is it varies everyday. 

Using the internet, doing webinar, working from home are a nightmare as every thing hangs!

Fetch Tv loses the internet connection regularly especially when you are watching

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