Internet and NBN frustrations


We had no problems at all for years. Now so disappointed. We had our daughter moved in and they went to dodo and dodo connected to our nbn which I didnt think they could do as we were already connected to optus at our house with nbn. Then our service with optus dropped out. Our daughter then cancelled her service with dodo. We have had problems for 8 weeks now. First saying it was a modem problem then sent us a new modem and same problem. The internet and phone light not lighting up as they are very faint. Then saying nbn and optus not porting with each other. Then a technician comes out after others get cancelled all good just modem and nbn . Something about a M2 port and if we disconnect service and reconnect again this should work. Did that and still waiting told oh problem with order at backend so probably have to do a new order. Not happy. Oh then they are still sending bills and have had no service, internet, phone or fetch tv. Not paying for something that is not working. Also go online talk to one person then other then other. Frustrated.

Re: Internet and NBN frustrations


Yeah it can be a messy. It sounds like you have alot of moving parts in there though? Optus, DoDo, NBN, Daughter? 


FWIW it sounds like you were on an Optus HFC cable contract. This has nothing to do with the NBN normally. That cable will be torn down next year as the Optus network is retired as the NBN takes over. If you asked Optus to connect you to the NBN they would have transfered an existing acount over to the new NBN connection in your house. It seems you asked DoDo to do that though so DoDo would have just set up a new NBN connection and its up to you to cancel the Optus one (which it sounds like you've now done?)


Optus can have issues talking with the NBN (as they're two different companies) and Optus can't directly order NBNCo to do something. So it can take time to sort technical problems if they occur. That said, OPtus can do a lot better communicating with customers about what is happening and what will happen.


FWIW just keep a record of days without a connection. Optus should reimburse (credit your account) you monthly plan fees on request once you are up and running (I'd suggest paying at this stage as it just gets messier having to argue about late fees etc. down the track)


I hope it gets sorted soon.


Peter Gillespie

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