Inconsistent NBN Speeds

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I've recently upgraded to an NBN100 plan and am now experiencing massive inconsistencies in internet speed. I've read that it should be around 80Mbps throughout the day but I sometimes get drops as low as 1Mbps and it is usually hovering around 20 - 40Mbps throughout the majority of the day. I just wanted to know if this is normal behaviour or if there is something wrong with my connection. I have NBN Fibre to the premises which I thought was optimal for speed but to be honest I was getting more consistent performance back on the NBN50 plan which I upgraded from. I should also note that I am capable of getting NBN100 speeds as I checked on the first day of the new plan and was getting 80 - 95 Mbps and was only dropping to a minimum of 65 - 70 Mbps. Additionally my upload speeds are almost always faster or on par with my download speeds, right around 35 - 40Mbps, every time without fail, it's just my download speed which takes a pretty massive hit.

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Hiya @Neet, sorry the speed pack isn't giving you the experience you were expecting. If you've tried the normal troubleshooting we may need to check your service on our end. You can chat with our Tech Support crew here for a hand 

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