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I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!


I had my new NBN box installed last week, my husband took the day off and waited for the technician. The technician installed our NBN into the socket that was already there, the modem was conncted to it which is fine, the issue I have though is that this is in my lounge room and my computer is at the other end of the house, I asked my husband why? he said "the NBN guy said it's not his problem and that Optus had to take over once the NBN box was installed", I've been on to Optus and they said it was NBN's problem, I contacted NBN and they say it's Optus' problem, well really it's my problem because I have an NBN box installed and NO internet on my computer with cables and cords that don't reach it! I somehow need to get someone to install a cable long enough, that goes under my house (where the broadband cable is incidently) which will allow the modem to plug into my computer at the other end of the house.

Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted

Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!


The NBN will always install the socket in the most convenient location, what kind of NBN Tech is it?


You can get a private technician to move the primary socket to another location. But this would be at your own cost.

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Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!

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The NBN generally connects to where your existing modem was. Presumably you had the same problem (of reaching your PC) before the NBN came as after?


That said, getting the cable installed where you want it is sort of a contractor by contractor basis. You can request it go to a particular room on the day and the person who turns up will say ok or not. It sounds like your husband didn't press very hard as he didn't realise that was an option? Regardless its now installed and neither the NBN or Optus are responsible for the internal wiring of your home. 


As mentioned you could get any handy man to run some cable to another room for you. Its not an electircal job so you don't need to pay for an electrician if you don't want to. It should almost be a do it yourself job if you want. You just need


1) 20m of CAT6 cable ($15) like here

2) A simple switch ($30) plug and play like here (cheaper plastic ones around too)


Then run the cable under the house between the two rooms and connect up


NBN => Router => 20m cable => Switch => PC (and anything else)


You could put a couple of cables in to different rooms easily too (the router has several plugs).


NBN => Router => 20m cable => Switch (room 1) => PC (and anything else)

                            => 20m cable => Switch (room 2) => PC (and anything else)


Note the switch is only needed if you want to plug more than one device in at the other end. You could just go 


NBN => Router => 20m cable => PC


I assume you will set up wifi for other stuff? 


Peter Gillespie

Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!


getting it cable would be the best and most stable connection. If you are  handy then maybe drill a few holes and follow the nbn cable path to go under your house then up into the computer room.


Other options:


1. Get a Wifi adaptor for your computer. The results waries depending on your wifi enviroment. worth testing the wifi signal with your mobile phones next to the computer and see if you get a good signal. Cheaper than professional cabling guy. 


2. Get a Ethenet over Power adaptors to create the network link. Similar price to professional cablling cabling guy.

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Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!


Thanks for the advise Peter

Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!


NBN was installed today;how can I connect the computer which is too far from the new modem

Re: I had NBN installed but it doesn't reach my computer!




You could get someone in to run a new point from the modem to the PC (probably about $200)

You could try some powerline adapters (plug them into the power points and the data travels over your electricity wires)  

In a pinch you could buy a 20m CAT6 cable and just run it from one room to the other.


Peter Gillespie

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