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I'd like to order a technician. Recurring problem is back.

I'd like help ordering a technician through here because I know that if I try that 24/7 chat or phone customer service again I'll be sat at my laptop for the next three hours with a representative asking me to perform the simplest troubleshooting methods that don't fix anything (e.g. restart modem, make sure all the cables are plugged into the right ports etc).

Long story short, about half a year ago, had NBN installed, brand new Optus modem kept losing internet and phone and would restart itself constantly. After about six attempts using chat service we finally got a technician to come. The problem wasn't in the home, it was elsewhere. Technician left and a few days later, whatever he did, resolved the problem. This week the problem is back and is identical.

So can one of the mods/admins in here please help me organise a tech to come and help us. Because the problem wasn't in the home the last time, and being heavily tech literate I know it's not here again. There's nothing I can do from here, with or without the help of the chat service.

Regards, Qira.

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Re: I'd like to order a technician. Recurring problem is back.

The forum mods don't have any access to your account anymore. If you want to arrange an NBN tech you will need to contact Optus directly.

Note that you can possibly bypass the checks by

1) Telling the CS Agent you've already done them.
2) Telling the CS Agent you understand that if the issue is found to be in your home then you will be charged for the call out.
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