How to wire up NBN for better access points




The nbn technician installed my box at the back of my house so i wont be able to get a singal to the front of my house. And my computer is wired to the modem in the front room.

I am able to run an ethernet cable under the house from back to front. But I want to be able to get a wifi signal and have other ethernet outlets. So how am I best to do this?

Is this what a router is? Can i plug the ethernet cable into a router which will then have more ports I can access as well as giving off a wifi signal?

I have a spare Netgear modem from my cable internet. Can this be used as a router? If so, any instructions will be very handy! The modem is Netgear C6300BD?

Thanks guys!

Re: How to wire up NBN for better access points


What NBN technology do you have? FTTP? Cable? 


Do you have two boxes at the moment (1 little one the NBN connects into and then the Optus modem that plugs into that?)


Peter Gillespie

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