Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


The Optus NBN Network is just a joke! I really hope this ACCC speed monitoring trial shames Optus. They are already lost their 2nd largest fixed internet provider status, but with the way Optus treats their network and customers they'll be number 4 in no time!

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


Sounds like history repeating itself in our area Optus when will you learn

we moved to you at great expense and trusted you and have been significantly let down by you

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together

optus is cutting costs by shaping its customers. we know they do it, and i highly recommend the TIO. they lie and lie and lie. they blame it on congestion. and future upgrades planned, but when? if you cannot afford your own infastructure to handle all clients, and give all promised speeds, you have no business handing out nbn plans optus. none at all. if we are so badly "congested" as optus puts it, we need upgrades. same with the crappy sagemcom routers they hand out, all cheaply made, all cost cutting. its digusting how they treat their customers. and the cost! 90 bux a month for 400 k a second? ha ha ha. cool story optus.

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together

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@SVP7693  Hey Mate I know your pain.


When doing speed test, better choose the server closest to you.


Another way is for you to log onto your router and see what speed is being reported under advanced settings. This would give you a better idea of how much you should be getting.


Geez , your Latency amount is so large

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


I connected up to NBN at the lowest speed I think 25 mbs and that is what I get compared to the 3mbps on my ADSL 2.

When I had it connected it only took a hour or so to get it up and no complications with the instructions provided.

I went on the $80 NBN plan that gave me free calls to any mobile network and STD calls anywher in Australia.

I also had thrown in the Fetch box that is incredible with its content.

I did have to change my telephones from the plug in type in the wall in different rooms in my house. I bought a Uniden set with a master control and 2 other telephones that worked via WI FI. No problems there either and certainly better than my old plug in telephones. No problems with the NEW modem they sent me. 

I am connected to a node where copper is still used and not a problem

I am more than satisfied with the change over and the changeover to NBN from Optus. Have used Optus for many years and never a problem with any problems I had. As far as I am concerned Optus needs a pat on the back for excellant customer service. Sorry to hear about people having problems but could stem back to NBN CO as I never had a problem with my ADSL before making the change to NBN. 

Before changing over I did a lot of research and was very concerned and actually just wanted to stay on my ADSL 2. My fears were unfounded as the transition was smooth and I love the speed. 

I hear Consumer affairs are getting a lot of complaints but I suggest with a few of these it is the user who has created the problem and they should find someone to assist them who have already installed NBN or a Computer geek who will install it for you at a small charge. Happy computing. To those having problems I know how frustrating it can be and how angry it makes you but perservere and you will end up with a better service. 

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


Hey @johnperth, thanks for taking the time to send through some great feedback. The experience does seem to differ based on which NBN access technology has been rolled out in the customers area. There are those out there like yourself who are thrilled with their new service where as others have been less than impressed.


We're always happy to help any customers experience issues with their new or current NBN service. If you have any questions for us, please send them through Smiley Happy


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Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


I can understand the problem perfectly! I do a spped test (Telstra) and get 18/6 say but cant load pages as they always time out. If I get to download I mostly run around 200 KBS on a local site or 1-2 KBS from say the US. I admit I can get bursts of far higher speeds but they are erratic and short lived. I was actually getting far, far, far better stable results on ADSL+2. The speed averaged 7 MBS but was constant and therefore faster downloads than NBN. I must ask if there is any chance of reverting to the old technogogy as the new is RATSHIT!

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


Same here and in my case no release from contract.


so in eighteen months time they can go to hell and back as I will nevervbe back.


ripped off...

Steve Gregory

Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together

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I dont have a problem I suggest it is not Optus causing the problem. I have heard Telstra customers complaining a lot more and they have outages every week. I Really think it is NBNCO who are the problem. Having said that I have had NBN connected to the Node for a couple of years now. My speed on on ADSL 2 was around 3 mbps down and it was ok. My latest speedtest on NBN shows 25 MBPS and 4.63 MBPS. Pretty fast compared to what I used to have. Downloads are very fast. 
I do hear a lot of people complaining about their NBN with different ISP's.  One of them is the unreliability of the service with constrant drop outs. In the time I have had NBN I have not had any outages. Under ADSL2 I had a couple but usually the fault was at the exchange. e.g the module had malfunctioned etc. 
Sorry I cant help sorting out for the ones with problems but I suggest NBN CO be your first stop if your problems have started with your connection to NBN. It must so stressful and frustrating with computers playing such a big part in our lives now.
Heres an article that might help..


Re: How Slow can NBN Go??? Come on Optus get your act together


G'day mate, thanks for the info and link. I tried the OZ Broadband test alongside the Telstra one and was shocked at the result. Telstra showed 21mbs whilst OZ showed 1.4mbs. I tried multiple times with virtually the same results. No wonder I felt my old ADSL+ was better!. I guess I am going to be stuck with this disasterous mistake for another 23 months! Thanks again.

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