Horrible Experience with Optus n NbN


Where do i start? We have been an Optus customer for over a year now...n we have had nothing but problems with our NBN!!! The last 3 weeks have been hell with the internet continually dropping n staying offline for over an hour at a time...Ive called optus on many occaions n they go through the same procedures of trying to fix the problem but no! then they say that they will call in a technician...i thought wow finally! i was so excited to have awesome internet! Nope didn't happen...The Technican came n "fixed" the problem n left...10 min after he left same thing!! 


So i called Optus almost in tears n their reply was "we will send this report through to head office" omg it's been 3 days now with hardly no internet! I had to use my hotspot on my phone that i have a plan through Optus n that's almost at my data limit n after that they will charge me $10 for 1GB!!! Silly! i went n brought a pre paid optus wifi...I shouldn't have to do this optus! I'm paying for my services n i'm not getting any answers! I'm very frustraited n this has upset me! 

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I would probably get back onto Optus about this, ask for a compaint number, start taking the names and employee numbers for each person you talk to and take lots of notes about your conversations, and lodge a complaint with the TIO if Optus don't come to the party and fix the problem.  Optus seems a bit happier to help once you do this.  I would also ask Optus to refund the payment for the prepaid WiFI as it is the bad connection and service which forced you to spend more money.  Good luck.


Re: Horrible Experience with Optus n NbN


I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing experience with your service and getting a hand @MiaBella. Have you been provided with a fault reference number? I'll check the status and refer to our Case Management team

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Re: Horrible Experience with Optus n NbN


Your customer service experience is exactly like mine, absolute waste of time and space. As a result I am giving up on optus, sick of the poor product experience which requires customer service interaction, which doesn't work, ends up wasting my time and money.

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