Hopeless tech support

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I have had no phone or internet for a week (NBN). I have made at least 6 calls to get tech help, all of which end up with me running around turning things on and off for them. I told them on day one that I needed a technician as the fault is in the NBN box, but apparently they have a series of checks they must make before they send anyone. Fair enough. But one of these checks required me to plug the NBN box direct into a lap top. I don't own a laptop. They told me to borrow one from a neighbour! I don't know what it's like where you live, but I don't have that kind of neighbourhood. Where does it say in my service contract, that in order to receive help I must own a laptop? Why do I have to provide my equipment to test Optus gear? At what point do they take responsibility for their own faulty equipment?


Re: Hopeless tech support


I hear you....

My router was faulty and they didn't even do basic troubleshooting (not even a turn off/on again) - ended up buying my own and requested refund.

I changed to Optus, after 3 month I am changing back to telstra. 

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