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Home phone suddenly stops working after 18mths on NBN

Hi everyone, as it's impossible to get a blasted phone number & web chat is offline can anyone help with why all of a sudden my home phone which has been connected to NBN for about 18mths has decided to not work.  Can receive calls but cannot hear anyone, can't dial out, but have dial tone.  My modem has been rebooted, I've even plugged another phone in and still get the same thing.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Home phone suddenly stops working after 18mths on NBN

Yikes! That unusual 😞 

I do hope that this has since been resolved, but if not please check out our troubleshooting guides HERE.

If you still need assistance, feel free to PM me with your landline number so I can run a few tests on it from my end for you. 

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