High Ping Problems


Hey everyone,


I was just inquiring about high ping issues I've been having for a couple months now, I've tried everything and I can't seem to fix the issue, any help would be appricated, the ping is a 140+ constant all day everyday of the week.

Re: High Ping Problems


Typical optus....take a Telstra pill and call me in the morning

Re: High Ping Problems


It's all too common in this place to complain about speed and latency and generally (from personal experience) I empathise with complaints such as. But just to avoid the slightest chance of the problem originating from your home, try the following.


Check your connection between the device you are using and the Router itself. If it's over a wifi connection then you could have RF interference or poor signal strength. Also, the best way to speed test is over a fixed line directly to your home router/gateway and without any other devices connected at the time. So try that too.


If you get lower latency results over a fixed line then try changing the WiFi channel of your Access Point to one that has less traffic - You should be able to download an app to help you with this (search for WiFi Analyzer).


If possible once done, let us know what your fixed line latency tests reveal?


It's important to do these types of tests within your home network before looking outwards.



Re: High Ping Problems




Thank you for your reply, the thing is that speedtest was taken from a desktop, ethernet cord connected directly to the modem, so that is the most accurate reading I'm going to get via speedtests, however with the Acess Points, the answers are all the same, the ping doesn't go down at all and it stays around the same throughout the whole experience.


So thank you for trying to help the situation however none of it has worked.

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