High Latency in Evenings

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Hey all, new Yes Crowd member here!
I have been trying to get in contact with Optus Support for about a week now regarding high latency during the evenings, but haven't had any luck getting through to them yet (they're always busy :c ). From the other threads that I've read here, I don't believe there is anything that can be done unless I can get in contact with Optus directly, but worth a shot regardless!


Summary of the problem:
Ping, download and upload speeds are perfect during the morning and afternoon (about 95/35 with 17ms latency to Optus servers). Then around 8PM each night, the download and upload speeds halve, and latency goes to around 100ms. This has been persistent for the past 2 weeks now.

*Edit* Perhaps I should also mention I am on an NBN 100/40 connection in an apartment complex.
I can confirm that during these speed tests:

  • WiFi has been disabled on the modem and only the one computer is accessing the internet
  • No other internet traffic is effecting ping
  • tracert to any domain shows higher than usual ping


I don't believe there are any other outlying factors that could effect the download speeds. I'd appreciate any advice or information that anyone has to offer!

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Having the same problem, after about 6pm till about 9pm terrible connection speed and all that. on NBN same as you. I've put it down to the local load on the network given school holidays and all that. Shouldnt be the case given the price of the bill I pay every month. 

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Hey BrentonK, Thanks for providing some comprehensive info on all the testing you've done in the past Smiley Happy Are you able to PM us the username so we can check ot the service for you on our end? If you can send through the full name and DOB on the account, you'll be fully ID'd here so we can fully discuss the account with you. StevoDaHero - If you wanted to send this info through as well, we're able to confirm some things with the service for you. We have some people skilled in NBN issues within the team so if we can get some info from you, there may be no need to give us a buzz - Shae

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Having the same problem here in NSW 2135. Long latency since December. Stopped doing Jitter testing as well. 

Re: High Latency in Evenings

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Having the same problem here in QLD 4700. Long latency since December. Stopped doing Jitter testing as well. 

Only mine starts at about 12 in the afternoon sometimes.

There's a long list of very similar complaints in this forum.

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Night after night.

And that isn't even the real ping, because ookla are given priority bandwidth. it's actually about 150ms.

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Hey @LesJ, it sounds like this may be occurring as a result of peak time slows. Given that it's the holiday period there might simply be more customers utilising the network at this time. Had you only noticed a reduction in speeds at the beginning of December? Or was this something that's occurred in the past? 


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Re: High Latency in Evenings

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Hi @Dan_C, yes it is "congestion" and it has got worse since the holidays started. In fact it has got a little better sice the start of December when it was unusable after midday. But when does "congestion" become normal traffic. Surely I should be able to expect a reasonable latency at night during the week. Actually I should expect it all the time.

If there is congestion for most nights, for most of the week, then it is not congestion but normal traffic, is it not?

Now would be where the NBN gets blamed for not enough capacity, they are aware of it but there is no upgades happening yet. But my belief is that Optus never purchased enough bandwidth to start with and are now selling beond their capacity to supply a reasonable service.

If things don't improve soon I shall be seeking a release from my contract and going elsewhere. There is no point paying full price for half a service, that I can't use as intended.

Re: High Latency in Evenings


I can totally understand where you're coming from LesJ. The seasonal spike should subside once people go back to work and kids to school but your peak hour speeds will not improve until upgrades are performed. You can speak with our Retention team to discuss further options on 1300555241.

Re: High Latency in Evenings


Sadly hopeless latency and speed in QLD/4019, appears that speed test is not accurate either. Since a recent move and switch to nbn top tier, this is unacceptable.


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