we were converted to NBN on April 15th and since that day we have had no internet in the house.I have spent over 30 hours on the phone to Optus and  spoken to over 20 people.We have had the NBN tech back and also an Optus tech onsite.We have 2 case managers who will not answer questions and after 48 days cannot advise what the problem is or even if there is a plan in place to rectify the issue.During this Time I have had one phone call from a case manager advising I will receive a call,but that has not happened.

My question is how do I find a person in Optus who cares and could assist with our problem and how do I contact them.


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48 days is too long. Its possible they might not be able to fix it in that time, but by now someone should definitely know what is wrong. It sounds like it is an issue in the NBN network so unfortunately Optus can't fix it themselves and can only wait on what the NBNCo does and tells them. That said, it is Optus role to act on your behalf 


Have they provided an alternative connection option (e.g. 4G) for free? Have they reconnected your old internet connection while this is happening? They changed the rules last year and Optus must offer you the choice of a reconnection in cases like this.


As you say though, finding someone to do the job might be the problem.


Peter Gillespie

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