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Occasional Contributor WessyBoy
Occasional Contributor


Hi There 


I was about to sign up to Optus for NBN via HFC a few months ago however sales of this were put on hold whilst preexisting problems were rectified.


Any one know if this has been completed and whether NBN via HFC is now available once more?


Postcode 2086

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor


The HFC rollout is still on pause (the work continues but no one can sign up for the time being). Apparently NBNCo are set to announce the first few homes coming off the freeze today (about 2000). Between now and June more areas will be released and the rollout is expected to hit full speed (100,000 homes a month) around the end of the year.


Just keep an eye on the NBN Address checker site as this should be updated over coming weeks.




Peter Gillespie