HFC NBN migration

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Want to migrate from Telstra NBN (over HFC), to Optus NBN (over same HFC). I want to know if a tech visit is required or is it just a case of swapping the router (once orders placed etc.).


If a visit is required - what do they do?? I have the external grey box and the internal powered coverter from HCF to Eth0


Rang Optus sales 3 times for 3 different answers.


I'm definitely not in Sales but I don't want to possibly give you a 4th different version.

Our help and support pages should hopefully give you the information that you're after, one example: Getting Started with Optus NBN

Otherwise @petergdownload is our resident NBN expert!

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Re: HFC NBN migration


Gotta look up what those three letter actually stand for @Ray_YC 


@GIJoe , The good news is one of the big benefits of being on the NBN is transfers are just a matter of letting NBNCo know. Give Optus the nod and they'll have you switched across in under 24 hours (probably less than 15 minutes). 


Note that moving doesn't automatically cancel your Telstra contract (although it may) so you should let Telstra know you're leaving to avoid them still billing you. 


The answer to your question is no tech or site visit required.


You can likely just keep using your Telstra modem but Optus will send you out a free Optus modem that you can plug in instead. Just plug the NBN internal box (called the NCD) with the single ethernet point  into the WAN plug in the Optus modem (you can use any modem that has a WAN plug and most do these days). 


The main reason to use the Optus modem is that this is the only box that will enable the VOIP landline phone number. You may not care or have a landline in which case its no matter but if you do care then its the Optus box you must have.


As for the process it should likely go like:


1) Place the order for NBN (phone or livechat or online anytime) 

2) Confirmation given 

3) Optus will send out a modem and Fetch box (usually takes a few days)

4) When ready plug in Optus box instad of Telstra one and call/livechat Optus

5) They'll activate the box and tell the NBN to switch you over

6) Should be sorted that day. 


Note items 3,4,5,6 might be optional but it should hopefully be pretty painless. Be interested in you posting back how it went after the fact (and if I missed any steps).


Peter Gillespie 

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