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Occasional Contributor shigs56
Occasional Contributor

Frequent changes to IP address

My connection switches between two specific IP addresses, sometimes several times in one day.  This makes it impossible to keep an ssh session going, for example.


Optus, what do I do to stop this?

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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

Re: Frequent changes to IP address

Besides having a business service with a static ip - not much you can do.

And if its a mobile service - good luck for that one as static ip is only available on 3g (no 4g)

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Contributor RastaHTC

Re: Frequent changes to IP address

DDNS.  Try dyndns or no-ip.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Frequent changes to IP address

@shigs56, @Paddylee


Static IPs are available to business and consumer customers on eligible Fixed Broadband or Mobile Broadband / Phone Plans. For technical reasons static IPs are not available to customers on our

  • Cable Broadband network (Broadband bills with 10 digit account numbers)
  • 4G network (Available with 3G only)


Which network do we have you running on at home? I can see if it's something we can organise for you? 


Static IPs on our current Fixed Broadband plans come at no extra cost.

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New Contributor eehan
New Contributor

Re: Frequent changes to IP address

I have been experiencing this very issue for the last 24 hours.  My IP address has been flipping between the same two addresses.  Sometimes this happens as often as once every 5 minutes (the standard Optus DHCP server lease expiry time). This should not be a reason to go and get a static IP (maybe a new ISP though).  5 minutes is absolutely unnaceptable.
Such as short time between IP address changes is extremely troublesome for stateful TCP sessions.  An example is a download the lasts more the 5 minutes.  If the IP swaps during the download, the download terminates.  Obviously anything else stateful dies as well: such as remote desktop sessions, SSH, Telnet, traffic tunnels etc.
Having a dynamic IP that changes occasionally is fine.  But having one that changes every 5 minutes is not.
This is a problem that must be looked into and fixed by Optus immediately.
FYI I worked around the problem on my home router by dropping all traffic from the source MAC address belonging to the second DHCP server.
So my router can negotiate DHCP only with the first DHCP server. And it renegotiates the same address each time, as it should.
Obviously having to implement such a workaround is not an acceptable outcome.  For example, if Optus disable the first DHCP server for maintenace, my router won't negotiate with the second DHCP server.
Either way this is an issue that Optus must go and fix ASAP.

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