Re: Frequent NBN dropouts and useless tech support


Good evening all,


This will be my final post- NBN tech never turned up, I did not get any of return calls, had no time to call billing today. Straight to TIO tomorrow, I have no time to continue calling them, nor will I be waiting any longer for Optus to contact me by 6 April.

Good luck to everyone else who's in the same boat as me.

Re: Frequent NBN dropouts and useless tech support


Hey @Fl0ptus, not good to hear of the issues with your NBN line. Have you got a fault reference number I can look into? These start with 18 and get sent via SMS

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Re: Frequent NBN dropouts and useless tech support


I’m having the same issues with frequent drop outs, ranging from a few seconds to minutes.

We are unable to connect our smart tv to the wired connection, nor can it recognise wifi. We never have this problem with ADSL.

So they try to fix my issues by sending me a “better modem” yesterday. Plus without my knowledge had increased my connection to the more expensive “ultra” package. 

Last night we are still having drop outs, the same problem BUT I am now on a more expensive plan!!



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