Frequent Dropouts - PPPoE Authentication Issue?


Having major drop out issues since January. Have had 4 NBN tech visits and paid for an electrician to remove non-existent cabling at Optus’ request. Last technician identified a PPPoE authentication issue. When I run the modem diagnostics (we have the Sagemcom 3864OP… 3 of them actually because the problem began when we got the second modem) when the internet is working it says “FAIL” under the “Test the connection to you Internet service provider (PPPoE/ppp2.1)

Test PPP server connection:



Test authentication with ISP:




Test the assigned IP address:




When there is a dropout the word “DISABLED” appears and yet the wireless connection still has a pass. The last NBN technician was certain that this was due to conflicting IP addresses and knew that Optus would deny responsibility as he’d seen it happen before and he knew they didn’t know how to fix the problem. He even gave me his person contact details so I could try and get Optus to speak directly to him as unfortunately his report would only convey information about NBN hardware which was all working perfectly. Horrendous customer service aside, this has been going on for five months and Optus ignore the above information, I have offered to send screenshots of my diagnostics but again this has been ignored. We also had an Optus technician (they sent a cable not NBN tech out BTW) out and he looked at the diagnostics test and said it shouldn’t be like that but he also said he couldn’t help because we were on NBN.

I am curious to know if anyone else experiencing frequent dropouts has ran a diagnostic test on their router (and curious to know what message Optus NBN customers who aren’t having dropouts see when they run the diagnostics on their router). I am also curious to hear if people think a router upgrade might fix the issue??? I am desperate and in need of something other than a blatant line given to me by a phone operator after being on hold for up to half an hour.

Re: Frequent Dropouts - PPPoE Authentication Issue?


Brand new to optus nbn for 48hrs.


Have exact same issue.   Ran through all the trouble shooting,  including verification of lights on modem and nbn boxes.


When connecting to wifi on samsung android it asks me after connecting, to sign in,   and times out,  so hit use connection as in setting and can only reach the modem admin pages.   tried wifi and ethernet on windows and mac pro laptops and no go.


Go into modem setup and run diagnostics and have same error reports.   Its taken me 6 weeks to receive modem after initial order.    1st call time they didnt process order at all,  2nd call processed but didnt place connection request.   3rd call will probably to cancel

Re: Frequent Dropouts - PPPoE Authentication Issue?


Guess what?  Another victim. Have the same results, also under the NBN diagnostics.

After a couple of hours on the chat line, which was closed three times so that I had to start all over again, the lady suggested that because the line was fine, I should contact a Windows technician!!!

Never mind the diagnostics.

Windows troubleshooting tells e that there are problems with the DNS server, but Tech Support is not interested.

Shameful support, Optus.

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