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Foxtel internet settings via nbn modem


Just connected to nbn with optus and cant get foxtel to connect to internet for catchup tv and movies. Network settings in foxtel are still my old cable ip configeration.  I need to change the settings on my foxtel to reflect my new nbn modem ip config ie i need ip address, subnet mask, gateway, primaryw dns and secondary dns settings. Rang foxtel they said ring optus. Rang optus they said speak to nbn. Spoke to nbn they said i had to call sagemcom!!! Rang the no doesnt connect!! Can someone please help me as to where ir how or who can give me these settings

Re: Foxtel internet settings via nbn modem

  • Press SETUP
  • Press 4 (Setup)
  • Press 8 (Network Settings)
  • Press 1 (Network setup)
  • DHCP

If the setting is already in DHCP then select Manual and then change it back to DHCP

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Re: Foxtel internet settings via nbn modem


Ok thx. So when i go dhcp settings are all blank and it inly gives me the option to renew dhcp or save new settings. I tried renew dhcp and all fields ie ip address subnet mask default gateway etc  show "acquiring" and its been sitting on that for about 5 mins now. 


So is there nowhere where i can get these settings from? I have an ip address on the back of the optus router but nothing but a mac add on the nbn modem. The other settings details i have no idea if or where i can find them

Re: Foxtel internet settings via nbn modem


Looks like the Foxtel box is not receiving an IP address. Possibility


1. Cable issue, double check that you have an active connection from the Sagem to your Foxtel box. Test with another cable /port. Plug in another device, laptop etc and see if the connection is active. 


2.Foxtel box not renewing or getting an IP address. Once 1 is confirmed working then do a hard reset on the Foxtel box and see if it able to get an IP address from the Sagem.


3. Sagem DHCP has turned off, if that is the case then enable it. However, if other devices are working, then this might not be the issue. worth checking


4. You can try to manually assign the ip address in the Foxtel. If you haven't changed the default settings then use the default ip address on your sagem. The manually assign the ip address to, subnet default gateway to .. . 


I am suspecting either the cable fault or foxtel box not releasing its existing IP address. 

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Re: Foxtel internet settings via nbn modem


Thank you so much. I'll work thru them one by one and see what works. Really appreciate your help!!

Foxtel internet settings for IQ2 via ADSL/NBN modem

[ Edited ]
I was totally confused on how to set up my TV for Internet connection using Ethernet after I bought
a new Modem in preparation for NBN, rather than using my existing Optus modem which had become


My TV kept stating "No Connection" when I tried to access such things as "On Demand". To make matters worse the settings showing were from my old modem. I had had problems connecting with that too.


The action I take in Step 1 below would have solved that problem, which had nothing to do with settings, but rather a problem with my placement of my Powerline Adaptor (plugged into a power-board and not directly into a wall power-point. - oops!)


The following are the steps to take if you have an IQ2 and wish to connect to the Internet without the hassles of joining your modem directly to the IQ2 box via a rather long Ethernet cable.

(My modem is across the other side of the house, so that option was not available!)


Please note that IQ3 Foxtel desktop units (and later models) will automatically connect to a WiFi via Foxtel menu selections on your TV screen. You do not need to connect via Ethernet in these cases, so the following steps should be unnecessary for you.


For those connecting via Ethernet, then:


Step 1: (Most important)

Make sure that your Powerline Adaptor is plugged directly into a power socket and NOT into a

(This apparently was the main reason my TV would not connect).

In spite of instructions from Foxtel, you do NOT need to connect the telephone cable from the back of your modem into a second Powerline Adaptor. Just plus the telephone line direct from your modem into a telephone connection in the wall (using a dual connection if you also want to plug in a phone - most people have roving handsets or mobiles nowadays). Then connect your Powerline Adaptor (via Ethernet cable) directly into the rear of your Foxtel IQ2 box into the appropriate socket). The three lights on your Powerline Adaptor should all the be solid green (not flashing, although one may flash occasionally). Note that only ONE Powerline Adaptor is needed (the one connected to your TV).


Step 2: Ascertain from the Internet the IP address of your Internet provider by logging in to: then select your provider (Optus in my case, of course Smiley Wink)

Note the two IP address: Primary DNS and Secondary DNS


Step 3:

On your PC, click the "Start Menu" icon (or the search icon if there is one) and type in "CMD" then press <Enter>. At the command prompt which opens up type in "ipconfig" and press <Enter>

Take note of the Wireless LAN Adaptor's WiFi settings. One is the "Default Gateway", another is the 
"Subnet Mask" and another is the IPv4 address (your modems connection IP)


Step 4:

On your Foxtel Network setup (you get there by pressing "Active" key on your IQ remote then keying in "181" to move through the menu items "Setup/Network Settings/Network Setup".


Step 5: change the settings (where required) to be as noted in previous steps.


     1. IP address:
             Type in first 3 sections of the IPv4 address and change the last number to 1 more than the

              number noted under step 3 for IPv4 address. For example, if the IPv4 address is then

              make the IP address on the TV connection (by the way, if that address is already in

              use this setup won't work, so just keep coming back to this step and increasing the last digit by 1

              until it DOES work).


     2. Subnet Mask  as obtained under Step 3 (will look something like


     3. Default Gateway as obtained under Step 3


     4. Primary DNS as obtained under step 2


     5. Secondary DNS as also obtained under step 2


Step 6 (optional)

       If you have a camera handy (or Smart Phone) I found it useful to take a photo of the screen with all

       its settings in case you need them at some future time.


Step 7

       Select on the "Save Settings" menu item on the TV screen and then select "Network Test" from the

       new menu which appears. If the message is "Network Test Successful" shows then you have

       succeeded! ( if not, review the last digit  for your IP address under step 5(1) and try again)


Step 8

       Press the "Back" button on the remote until you return to your Foxtel broadcast and you can simply

       test that all is right with the world now by pressing the "On Demand" button on your remote and

       selecting 'Anytime "Catch Up"' from the menu. If another menu appears you are connected to the

       Internet (if you were not, a message asking you to connect to the Internet will appear). 


I hope this method of attack will help anyone who is confused by on how to connect a Foxtel Box to the Internet via Ethernet.


Cheers to all



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