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Optus and Flybuys sent out an email back in January about Flybuys points to join up to NBN. I received this email a day after I had joined up with Optus NBN. I then contacted Optus about the email and Flybuys points and they told me that I would receive these points. I waited the 3 months and have been checking my Flybuys account. I then followed up with Optus, who told me to contact Flybuys, who told me to contact Optus.  I did that again in April and was then advised in early May that I needed to contact Flybuys. I have contacted Flybuys and they have advised that because I did not sign up via the link I am not eligible for the points.
If the Optus consultant at the time of the online chat in January had advised me that I needed to cancel and sign up via the link I would of completed this. However I was informed I would receive points.
Extremely disappointed that I was informed the incorrect information and believe I am entitled to the points as advised by the Optus Consultant.

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Just to clarify, you signed up before the offer was available, but then got the offer in an email and when you contacted Optus a representative said you would get them anyway?


FWIW the mechanics of flybuys and sign up offers like these are often quite strict. You must follow certain links, at certain times and the system credits you out. I'm not saying getting the points now isn't possible but just that its likely almost no one in Optus (or Flybuys) can just add you to a list for getting them. i.e. there's no straight forward process here necessarily.


It sounds like the original sales agent has misspoken (although if the sale had already been completed then her comments don't apply) Cancelling may not have been an option FWIW although I'm not sure what plan and early exit penalties you may have signed up to. 


Hopefully a mod can look into the issue


Peter Gillespie

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Confirming Peter's reply that these partner offers have to meet the criteria.

It's not something we can assist with here, can only suggest to please follow our complaints process. To save some time and help your cause, provide specific details of the chat, the date, the name of the representative if you remember it, provide the transcript if you had it sent to you, etc. 

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Yes that is correct I signed up before the offer was available, but then got the offer in an email and when I contacted Optus a representative told me I would get the points.

If I had known the only way to get the points was via the link, I would of cancelled and resigned up via the link, but I was told I would get the points.

I have followed the complaints procedure online.

Thanks for the feedback

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