Fix my account and NBN now or Im leaving

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Someone came to set up the nbn, then said Optus would come to finish the installation. When the Optus person came they couldn't find the room where the person installed the nbn, and just left and never came back. I'm not paying for this terrible broadband anymore, finish the installation. I just got a $85 bill, I'm meant to be 70 a month and a credit of 10 per month is meant to be applied to my account each month, for 6 months. This has not happened once. My bill number is *personal info hidden*. I sent an email and got no reply, this is ridiculous. Get it together or I'm moving providers. This is ridiculous. Why would nobody come back? You're clearly aware I am not using the nbn because the cable is still active. 

Re: Fix my account and nbn now or Im leaving


Hi Tim,


Unfortunately if you want to sort this then you will need to do some of the lifting yourself. Its seems to take several prods to get things working if they don't go smoothly) and you'll need to do the prodding (Optus won't get back to you)


Good news is that you still have the old connection working. Optus won't (shouldn't) shut this down until the NBN is confirmed working. You should make sure youy contact Optus when it is otherwise you might get billed for two services.


How can someone not know where the NBN is coming into the house? Amazed the Optus guy just packed up and left.  Do you know? It should be a new outlet (or and existing old outlet for Foxtel maybe?) Would look like an aerial plug?


Do you have an Optus Modem? Did they send a new one out? You should be able to get online today if you do.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Fix my account and nbn now or Im leaving


Hi Tim,

Who did you send an e-mail to? If you replied to one of the welcome or activation e-mails you would have received these are no reply e-mail addresses.

Disappointing to hear about your experience.

We’re unable to look into account details on Yes Crowd so cannot see your bill or what is happening with your service connection (your account number has been hidden).
If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details.

If not, please Chat with us

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